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About me

Hi there, my name is Hannah. I live in Germany, in what is in my opinion one of its most wonderful regions: Bavaria. I may live in Germany, but actually I come from Belgium. This gives me the great opportunity to grow up with different languages and discovering different aspects of both countries.

I love writing and I am very into philosophising about life and nature. I love travelling abroad, to discover new shores and learn about the culture, people and nature. I have a collie dog, called Beau. And one of my favourite things is going out and walking him in the forest near our house with my parents, because then we can have long talks. About politics, wildlife, our next trip, simply everything. It’s as if walking with the dog liberates my mind.

Since I experienced how nice it is to share thoughts and opinions with people, I got the idea to develop this into a blog. I really hope you enjoy reading it.